August 2015 Luncheon: Jo Ann Skinner

August 2015 Networking Luncheon

The current buzz words in education include executive functioning.  This  term refers to brain functions that activate, organize, integrate and manage other functions that are especially important to learning.  Self regulation is key to this process.

Executive functions are also important for adults and are much needed in the workplace.  Managing ourselves to organize our workspace, prioritize tasks, initiate work (especially if we find it boring or difficult), monitor time, plan projects and the ability to regulate our emotions are all important for success.

The purpose of this presentation is to give you a greater understanding of executive functions and how they relate to your success at work.  Strategies and tools will be shared to support you to become more effective and efficient in your career.

Jo Ann SkinnerAbout the presenter: Jo Ann Skinner, PCC is an ADHD coach who for more than six years, has worked with individuals ranging from adolescents on the brink of transitioning into college to rising executives looking to increase productivity, improve time management skills, or discover a more rewarding work-life balance.

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